You probably already know that effective advertising through Google Adwords and Bing can produce increased traffic and return on investment (ROI). Having an expert in paid search advertising allows you to expedite your management processes.  In the past I have worked with online businesses that remain supported by this single channel. Recently I was tasked with marketing 400 brands, 1,200 product categories and over 30,000 products through paid search advertising.  Whether you have a small search engine marketing (SEM) program that relies on a narrow set of keywords, or you’re starting a new campaign for a large ecommerce site, I can help you create innovative strategies for success.

If you already have analytics on your site, you’re probably on your way.  If not, consider adding performance tracking tools and/or web analytics applications to your processes. By targeting the right users with the right keywords, messaging, and landing pages, you can create profitable traffic that produces positive ROI.  Understanding how to interpret analytics and identifying your users’ intents will help make your search engine marketing program successful.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might want to consider setting up remarketing and display advertising as part of your online marketing strategies. If you’re unfamiliar with remarketing, it’s the republishing of ads linking to products that users already examined on previous visits to a website. Because it’s unlikely that all of the paid search traffic will convert (buy) on their initial visit to commercial websites, a well-planned remarketing campaign may encourage them to return and reconsider their purchases at a later date. If you’re unfamiliar with remarketing strategies or techniques, I’m more than happy to answer your questions. I can also introduce you to important SEM concepts including quality score, ad rank, match types and negative keywords. We can review how all of this might impact the success of your online business. Tell me your needs and I’ll show you how my experience as a paid search marketer can assist your existing SEM manager, director, or team in implementing profitable SEM campaigns.

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Hi I’m Craig. I’m a digital marketing & design consultant with over 15+ years of industry experience. I’ve worked with small startups and large enterprises including Disney. I’m located in Seattle and am available for clients of all sizes.