Many online businesses find that they can increase revenue by improving user experiences, but they never realize that there are a variety of tactics that vary in effectiveness depending on the nature of the industry. My clients rely on my merchandising experience to help them uncover opportunities for merchandising and marketing teams in ecommerce, lead generation businesses and other online resources, especially where there are thousands of pages available for users to access.

In most situations I make web analytics the first step. I analyze dozens of metrics associated with all page types. To ensure maximum optimization, I explore an array of website features including on-site searches, facets, product recommenders, taxonomy, page content and call-to-action statements. I offer standalone merchandising analysis reviews, but many businesses combine this with my other internet marketing services. If you are outside of Seattle and require a merchandising consultant, I can be an extension of your existing department and support your existing merchandising managers or directors as needed.

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Hi I’m Craig. I’m a digital marketing & design consultant with over 15+ years of industry experience. I’ve worked with small startups and large enterprises including Disney. I’m located in Seattle and am available for clients of all sizes.