When you consider the vast scope of products and businesses currently on the Internet, it’s easy to understand why the need for unique content cannot be overemphasized. By creating a website that stands apart from your competition, I can create a solid content strategy for your business that will pay for itself with a strong return on your investment.

If you have a large site, I can help you identify and prioritize critical areas for immediate focus.  I will help you balance the needs of your customers and search engine requirements to determine the correct level of content needed to ensure success.  This can be a large undertaking if you have thousands of pages, keyword targets, limited resources, inventory considerations, and aggressive revenue targets.  I can overcome these challenges by breaking the workload into manageable projects that can be prioritized and tackled in workflows. As in most cases, it’s likely that we’ll discover new cost-effective processes that you can merge into your existing operating environment.

Throughout my work in high-growth ecommerce environments, I’ve witnessed the results of unique content, duplicate content, user-generated content, offsite content, media (pictures, videos, third-party content modules and others).  I assist my clients with content analytics to guide their decision-making in this process.

Areas where I can assist include:

  • Style guide creation
  • Quality improvements
  • Procuring, writing, and sourcing strategies
  • Customer impact measurement (engagement, conversion, etc.)
  • Search impact measurement
  • Monitoring
  • Education and training
  • Existing content audits

My content optimization services can be applied to all types of websites, not just ecommerce.  I can work with your existing content manager or director or wherever you determine is best for your company. I’m located in Seattle but I’m easily accessible and willing to travel. Feel free to contact me today and we’ll discuss your content projects.

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Hi I’m Craig. I’m a digital marketing & design consultant with over 15+ years of industry experience. I’ve worked with small startups and large enterprises including Disney. I’m located in Seattle and am available for clients of all sizes.