I can help you uncover the marketing and merchandising tactics utilized by your competitors.  With more than 15 years of online marketing experience, I can give you intricate details about their tactical online strategies.  We’ll dig into your competitors’ specific marketing channels including affiliates, SEO, SEM and display advertising. Then we’ll decipher the details about their programs. We’ll also develop strategies that can help you use their data to your advantage.

We can scale competitor audits to focus on a single online business or an entire industry. This process is important for any business entering new markets—locally or internationally—where it’s important to understand new challenges and opportunities.

By examining competitor marketing program strategies such as geographic targeting, pricing rules, top ranking search terms and bid prices at the keyword level, you can determine if or why they’re gaining ground or declining in search results.  If bid prices are escalating in one channel, perhaps your competitor is losing ground elsewhere.  Incremental gains from one or more competitors can result in incremental changes to your bottom line in specific channels within your marketing portfolio.

By evaluating your needs I can tell you what I think is possible in a competitor audit. We can determine what your website is doing right and where we can make improvements to online business strategies.

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Hi I’m Craig. I’m a digital marketing & design consultant with over 15+ years of industry experience. I’ve worked with small startups and large enterprises including Disney. I’m located in Seattle and am available for clients of all sizes.